Within the area of the “Nigrosero” deposit the subtype of the material is enabled. The material is more white then “Tundra” and calls “Ice Tundra”. The extraction is seasonal from April for November.

“Nigrozero” migmatite garnet amphibolite

“Nigrozero” migmatite garnet amphibolite (commercial name is “Ice Tundra”) is a highly-ornamental hard rock. Due to polychrome tint with predominance of black and white color, fine-medium-grained structure, striped-and spotted texture with Granite grains of “Ice Tundra” you can create refined interiors with inimitable in its beauty wall panels of big sizes. The wall facing with modular tiles made from “Ice Tundra” also looks fine and showy. You can implement “Ice Tundra” for wall-cladding, tomb-stones and for city amenities. It is equally fine with all types of face finishing. Polished surface displays contrasty of the picture. With the other finishing the color of the material looks whiter and the picture looks softer.

  • Type of natural stone: migmatite garnet amphibolite
  • Commercial name: “Ice Tundra”
  • Geological age: Ar1 3 000 - 3 200 Ma
  • Annual extraction of blocks: up to 1 500m3 (extraction is seasonal)
  • Deposit: “Nigrozero”
  • Location: Russia, Republic of Karelia, Loukhi district, Chupa village, 50 km from Chupa railway station, 1000 km from St. Petersburg sea port, 1200 km from Kotka sea port (Finland).
Index description Unit of measuring Value
Density kg/m3 2790
Water absorption % 0,12
Compressive strength in dry condition MPa 302
Compressive strength in wet condition MPa 255
Freeze resistance F F 25
Salt resistance % Not spesified
Wear resistance g/cm2 Not spesified
Stroke resistance cm 40
Index description Unit of measuring Value
Plagioclase % 30
Garnet % 7,5
Amphibole % 33,5
Quartz % 27,5
Biotite % 5,5
Ore minerals % less than 1
Accessory minerals % less than 1
Index description Unit of measuring Range of indexes Average indexes
Specific effective activity in ERN Bk/kg 87-128 108
Application according to radiation factor Building raw material of I class NBR-99
Structure Fine-mediumcoarse-grained Porphiric
Texture Stripped, knotty-stripped
Picture Alteration of light-grey and white quarts-plagioclase and black biotite-amphibole stripped areas and areas with uneven allocated garnet grains.
Ornamental index II, I class (Аd = 27-34,8 points) – ornamental, high-ornamental
Polishing index 110-140 (Оp) I class
Technological index Not spesified

Types of Face finishing

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STONE INDUSTRY international exhibition

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