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The second business activity of “Mine Management Company “Vozrozhdenie” Ltd is stone processing.

For more than 30 years the stone splitting and sawing work-shop of “Mine Management Company “Vozrozhdenie” produces wide range of granite products: kerbs (lineal and radial), kerb stones with customized dimensions, parapets, steps, cornices, paving stones and tiles, wall tiles with split surface.

High quality of products with different face finishing (sawn, bush-hammered, cut, flamed and polished) is guarantied by using of modern machines and tools.

The processing department is equipped with stationary diamond wire-sawing machines from “TAF”, radial-sawing machines from “GMM”, “Denver”. ЧThe stone cutting department is equipped with line of presses from “MEC”.Single machines were designed with participation of engineers of “Mine Management Company “Vozrozhdenie” Ltd.

Granite products from “Mine Management Company “Vozrozhdenie” Ltd were supplied to for furnishing of St. Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod, Moscow, Tver, Yaroslavl, Pskov, Vyborg etc).

Close location of own raw materials to stone processing gives us the advantage of competitive prices and flexible reaction on the customer’s inquiries.

Production capacity per month is:

  • kerb stones – up to 7 000 m
  • paving stones – up to 1 000 m2 (split or sawn)
  • rock face wall slabs – up to 500 m2
  • tiles and slabs (h≥50 mm) – up to 2 000 m2

Granite products are produced in concordance to Russian State Building Standards and specifications of Customers

Kerb stones

We produce Kerb stones in accordance to Russian national building standards (GOST) and customer’s technical order. The visible parts of Kerb stones could be sawn, flamed or bush-hammered.

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Paving stones

Paving stones are designed for paving of pedestrian ways and roads. We produce totally cut paving stones, sawn-cut and sawn.

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Flag stones

Flag stones are designed for paving of pedestrian ways. The dimensions of flag stones are bigger that paving stones.

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Rock face wall slabs

The natural rock face of such slabs enables to create the showy surfaces of walls, wall bases and stone fences.

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Big size kerb stones and embankments

Big size kerb stones and embankments are designed for road building and landscaping.

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Architectural details

The main application of Architectural details is to create the city landscape.

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STONE INDUSTRY international exhibition

Dear partners and colleagues we would like to invite you to visit our stand on the 19th International Exhibition STONE INDUSTRY

STONE INDUSTRY international exhibition

Dear partners and colleagues we would like to invite you to visit our stand on the 18th International Exhibition STONE INDUSTRY


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